Fee Structure


Tuitition Fee Structures

“Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving.”

  • The fee per student is required to be paid on bi-monthly basis.
  • Sometimes students may be supplied with specific study material for an additional nominal fee.
  • Payment can be made in person with cash or cheque, or through e-transfer online.
  • Fees are otherwise not prorated.
  • Fee Amounts for:
    1. Level 1—Youth — $50/monthly, which includes
      • Folders (Level 1-Youth)
      • Notebooks (Level 1-Youth)
      • Handouts (all levels) 
      • Registration fee of $20/ also applies
      • Additional: Arabic Text Book cost $12 only
    2.  Arabic Grammar Course: $40/month
      • This amount does not include  Arabic books
      • Registration fee of $20/ also applies