Our Lord will bring us together; then He will judge between us in truth. And He is the Knowing Judge.
[al-Quran 34:26]


What parents, family and friends have to say about our work and our mission ….


“Muhammad Ashraf, Ahmed’s father”

Taleem Academy team is doing a marvellous job in fostering Islamic teachings and values into our children through different teaching methods. Whether it be  story telling, Arabic Reading and writing, community service or disseminating information through puppet shows.  Every teaching  method is helping my child to learn about Islam as a religion and Islam as giving back to the community.


“Amy Khan”

Islamic teachings made fun for little kids! This is my first year and I really appreciate the efforts the teaching staff and Nargis put into designing the curriculum for the children. Where they are not just learning about deen but also having fun with crafts, story time, puppet shows and learning through hands on education. Creating a sense of community for our little Muslims.



I feel Taleem academy is one of those precious gems that not many know of as yet . It was a dilemma to find a good Sunday school after we moved our son from 2 years of Islamic school to public school and I feel it has been a blessing that we got connected with Taleem.
I now have 2 boys enrolled and they look forward to the school every Sunday.
The curriculum is very age appropriate and kids get to learn alot in class and through fun activities. It’s amazing to hear the boys narrate prophet stories , Islamic etiquette lessons they learn from school at home and then even better when they search Nasheeds on YouTube. My husband has also joined arabic classes now. The admin and teachers are genuinely vested in imparting true Islamic values and teachings to our future generation while assimilating smoothly in a different culture.


“Saima Khowaja”

My children go to Taleem Academy Sunday School. I am very satisfied with teaching environment.All curriculum is based on Quran and Sunnah. They arrange different activities ( outdoor and indoor) throughout the year based on their curriculum. Kids involve in different hands on activities.All staff are well educated and cooperative. I highly recommend Taleem Academy Sunday School to all parents who really want their kids to learn Islamic teachings.
You and your team of educators deserve all the praise in the world. You are doing all of us parents such a huge service.
Alhamdullilah we are blessed to have access to your school.



Alhamdulillah, both of our kids (ages 4 and 6) look forward to attending the Taleem program on the weekends .  The teachings of Islam are taught in a way that are fun and engaging for young children, with an emphasis on good Islamic morals, etiquette and social responsibility.  The teachers are warm and friendly, and help build confidence and leadership skills in our kids. We highly recommend Taleem for anyone with young children!


“Br. Ali ( father)”

My daughter started going to Taleem Weekend school this year and i am very pleased with the progress she is making. The Weekend school is very well managed and runs in a professional manner.  Teachers thoughtfully plan activities along with the studies to keep kids engaged. I would say it is the best Islamic weekend school in the area and defiantly recommend to anyone looking for an weekend islamic school for their kids.


“Rizwana Isani”

As a parent of children who attend Taleem academy I can confidently say I am very impressed. The staff and teachers have so much passion for the Deen and ensure that children are not only taught the religion but also to love Islam too. Admin at Taleem Acedemy goes above and beyond for students, knows every student by name and students gets one on one attention. I strongly recommend Taleem Academy to parents looking for professionals who will aid their children in furthering their Islamic education.



I wanted to personally thank you for doing such a wonderful job.  May Allah bless you with all the happiness in this world and akhira. Ameen.


“Mubeena Syed and Khurram Rashid”

Taleem Weekend School has been a blessing in the lives of our family, Alhumdulillah! Transitioning our kids from Islamic School to Public School left a gap in consistent Islamic education. Taleem Weekend School has been a great solution for our kids with Allah’s mercy. Their teachers certified and knowledgeable are sensitive to our kids needs. They have made accommodations to support our kids whenever they can. They plan fun and meaningful activities to ensure our kids are getting real-life exposure related to the Islamic concepts they are learning. They have a lunch program to make it easier for the parents on the weekend. Overall we have been very happy with Taleem Weekend School giving our kids the balance of Deen related knowledge and skills to succeed in society. Jazak’Allah khair!