Who We Are?

Our Mission

“Love of Allah (SWT) in every soul”. 

Ta’leem Academy was created to instill Islamic teachings according to the Quran & Sunnah in the children and youth of the community.

Our goal is to foster and nurture the love of Allah in our community’s young Muslims and teach them about the beauty and knowledge of Islam.

Our History

Ta’leem Academy was established in 2015 by Sr. Nargis Salman. The goal of the organization is to provide convenient and affordable Islamic education options for parents. She has been a certified Canadian teacher for over 20 years. She works with other teachers to provide  Islamic education in hopes of creating strong Muslims for our community. We went from a single classroom to having a multiclass room environment. All our teachers have the experience and the qualifications to provide the best educational experience for the children.

Our Core Values

We strive to accommodate each child and to follow these values everyday. All teachers are dedicated, and they hold themselves accountable to Allah (SWT) for their work.
  • To make the Deen easy to practice in our daily life
  • To help children adapt the good from their environment
  • To create an environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves
  • To give the correct options to students
  • To let each child know that Allah loves you

Honestly, going to Ta’leem Academy, I have learned a lots of things. I have learned to be patient  from Prophet Ayyub’s (as) story. I have also learned a lot of Arabic. Coming here I feel like  I am closer to Allah (swt) than I was before. Everyone here is friendly. The teachers make the learning fun and easy, and teach you how to be respectful, patient, generous and  kind, as our Prophet Muhammad (saw) was. I want to be just like him and try   to follow his foot steps. 

Ms. Nargis has made this school  fun and interesting, and that’s why I love going to Ta’leem Academy. Coming here every Sunday is very exciting  and I want to come here again next year. Inshaa Allah

– Zaina Khowaja, Level 3 Student


Br. Salman Rizwan

Br Salman Rizwan is an engineer by profession and Co-Founder of Ta’leem Academy. He has been teaching Qur’anic Arabic (with permission) in the GTA since 2011. He is a graduate of the Madina University Arabic Language Course and a student of Dr Abdur Rahim. He also offers programs for Quranic linguistic analysis and language study.

 Sr. Nargis Salman

Ms. Salman is the Co-Founder of Ta’leem Academy. She has been an educationalist for 24 years., and has been a certified teacher in Canada for 20 years. She has previously worked as a Teacher, Program Coordinator and a Principal. She has a love for the Arabic language and has been busy teaching it for the past 6 years. Her goal is to enrich the lives of the students by nurturing the Love of Allah (SWT) in their hearts.

Sr. Shazia Soorma

Ms Shoorma is a highly qualified teacher by profession. She is the Academic Coordinator for Ta’leem Academy. Ms Shoorma is a dedicated teacher and is involved in this field for many years. She has been with Ta’leem Academy since the very beginning. She attempts to cater to her students with her teaching method and attempts to fulfill every student’s needs accordingly.

Sr. Asma Arif

Ms. Arif is the Level 4 Islaimic Studies teacher. This is her second year at Ta’leem Academy. She is fluent in Arabic, English and Urdu. She works as a full time teacher Islamic School teacher during the weekdays. She has been a teacher for over 15 years.

Sr. Nida Saleem

Ms. Saleem is the Level 3 Islamic Studies Teacher. She is a compassionate and creative teacher with valuable teaching experience. She plans to facilitate learning with examples. Her goal is to assist students to connect to life the way Allah has intended, in simplicity.

Sr. Shahnaz Ahmed

Ms. Ahmed has been with Ta’leem Academy for 3 years. She teaches students the correct way to recite the Holy Quran. She also helps them to memorize Surahs while developing an understanding of its message.

Sr. Mariya Madany

Ms. Madany teaches Level 2. She has been an Islamic Studies teacher for 6 years. She has ample experience in teaching students of various grades in an international school with IGCSE Cambridge curriculum. She is motivated to encourage student growth in Islamic studies through carefully monitored progress.

Sr. Shermeen Khan

Ms. Khan has completed her Diploma in Islamic Studies in Canada. She has been with Ta’leem Academy for 4 years, she teaches Level 1. She loves to teach the basics of Islam to the young students so they grow up to have a strong belief in Allah(swt).