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Please read what parents, family and friends have to say about our work and our mission.

I wanted to let you know that I feel so thankful to Ta’leem Academy for enriching my children with knowledge of the Deen. It’s wonderful the way the teachers teach in such a lucid manner, making it interesting through activities and worksheets, addressing kids with dignity and respect, using encouraging and a compassionate tone of voice, showing oodles of patience and attentively listening to each one. 
Words are not enough to express my gratitude. 
Jazakillahu khair for all your efforts. 
May Allah bless you’ll with an increase in success, health and imaan.

Asiya Shaikh,  Level 3, Parent

The Quranic Arabic course has changed the way I used to understand and learn the noble Quran. It made me strong not only in grammatical rules but also confidently understanding the true meaning of the message the Quran is delivering to us with emphasis, intensity and absolute truth.
I have no hesitation to acknowledge and recommend that learning the Quranic Arabic should be a bare minimum requirement for every Muslim to get closer to the book of Allah swt.
The Madinah books, written by Dr. V Abdur Rahim, are taught in this course. The books cover all fundamental concepts and grammatical rules needed to understand and learn the noble Quran. May Allah swt reward our fantastic teacher Br. Salman Rizwan who has put a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment to fully understand and deliver the course contents to students from last many years. Jazākum Allāh khairan
Irfan Ahmad
Quranic Arabic, Student
I want to thank all the other teachers because they treat us with dignity, and the loving tone of voice and respect each teacher shows is amazing.
Fatimah Shaikh
Level 3, Student
Please tell all of me and brothers teachers thank you for educating us, we've learned so much this year.
Shahmeer Syed & Shahnoor Syed
Level 3 & Level 2, Students

Ta’leem Weekend School has been a blessing in the lives of our family, Alhumdulillah! Transitioning our kids from Islamic School to Public School left a gap in consistent Islamic education. Ta’leem Weekend School has been a great solution for our kids with Allah’s mercy. Their teachers certified and knowledgeable are sensitive to our kids needs. They have made accommodations to support our kids whenever they can. They plan fun and meaningful activities to ensure our kids are getting real-life exposure related to the Islamic concepts they are learning. They have a lunch program to make it easier for the parents on the weekend. Overall we have been very happy with Ta’leem Weekend School giving our kids the balance of Deen related knowledge and skills to succeed in society. Jazak’Allah khair!

– Mubeena Syed & Khurram Rashid,  Level 3 & Youth Program, Parents

Ta’leem is a great establishment which has taught me a lot regarding Islam. In three hours the teachers, they do their best of job. The teachers take time and teach us with dedication. Math and science are important, but nothing is important and as valuable as the knowledge of our deen. Teachers at Ta’leem deliver this knowledge are surmountable and unfathomably great. I cannot thank the teachers enough for the knowledge they have provided. I highly recommend this program.
Fardeen Channa
Youth Program, Student
Ta’leem Academy taught me more of my deen and brought me closer to it. I enjoyed a lot and I like the school environment.
Saad Salman
Youth Program, Student
It was lovely experience at Ta’leem Academy summer camp. My son Wissam learnt a lot and had so much fun. JazakAllah for everything.
Summer Camp,
Congratulations on a very well organized event. Thanks for making both my kids a part of this program.
Level 3, Parent
Ta’leem Academy has taught me about Prophets, Arabic and some important surah’s from Qur’an. Alhumdolillah.
Aayan Shaikh
Youth Program, Student

A mother of four, who’s kids are at different levels in Ta’leem Academy, I have experienced all 4 levels at once. Ta’leem Academy has given my children so much. Good Islamic base, extra curricular activities and above all strong Islamic character building.
Sr. Nargis and all the teachers are doing an excellent job for our kids as well as for parents too as they are always available for us at time of need.
All I can say is, may Allah SWT reward Ms. Nargis for all the hard work, dedication and efforts she puts into bring this weekend school where our children are getting good Islamic education.

Varda,  All Levels, Parent

In Ta’leem Academy, I learned many hadiths and duaas, which I can use in my daily routine, such as travelling, leaving the house. I also learned many valuable messages, eg. I learned what are the rights of one Muslim over another.
Ammar Khan, Level 3, Student
At Ta’leem Academy, I have learned how much it benefits us all as Muslims to bond together and learn lessons of our Prophets and how to apply it in our lives. I also learned that we all need to stick together throughout our lives and how to strengthen our connections with Allah. In Ta’leem Academy I have learned how to respect and appreciate our teacher’s efforts and work harder to better myself in Islamic Studies. For this I want to thank Sr. Nargis Salman by making Islam learning easy and in fun manner and Sr. Shazia Soorma for being a humble and very caring teacher.
Arisha Channa
Youth Program, Student

Honestly, going to Ta’leem Academy, I have learned a lots of things. I have learned to be patient  from Prophet Ayyub’s (as) story. I have also learned a lot of Arabic. Coming here I feel like  I am closer to Allah (swt) than I was before. Everyone here is friendly. The teachers make the learning fun and easy, and teach you how to be respectful, patient, generous and  kind, as our Prophet Muhammad (saw) was. I want to be just like him and try   to follow his foot steps. 

Ms. Nargis has made this school  fun and interesting, and that’s why I love going to Ta’leem Academy. Coming here every Sunday is very exciting  and I want to come here again next year. Inshaa Allah

– Zaina Khowaja, Level 3 Student

I like Ta’leem Academy because they teach what is right and wrong. Ta’leem Academy teaches you duaas, that will help you in your daily lives. They also teach you Qur’an and when you listen to it you feel so calm. I really enjoy learning Islam here. This is all possible because of Ms. Nargis who is our principal, the best principal I ever known. At the end of the day, we always get candies and I really enjoy it.
Muhammad Ali
Level 3, Student

My children go to Ta’leem Academy Sunday School. I am very satisfied with teaching environment. The curriculum is based on Quran and Sunnah. They arrange different activities (outdoor and indoor) throughout the year based on their curriculum. Kids are involved in different hands on activities. All staff are well educated and cooperative.
I highly recommend Ta’leem Academy Sunday School to all parents who really want their kids to learn Islamic teachings.
You and your team of educators deserve all the praise in the world. You are doing all of us parents such a huge service.
Alhamdullilah we are blessed to have access to your school.

– Saima Khowaja,  Level 2 & 3, Parent

At Ta’leem I have learned about the prophets and what I should and should not do. I have also learned lots of surahs. What we should and should not do in Ramadan. Best school ever.
Arisha Paracha
Level 3, Student
I want to come back next year because the learning is fun and I learn a lot about Islam. I also want to come back because we also do lots of arts and craft and fun Islam related plays.
Ziyad Ali
Level 3, Parent
I think Ta’leem Academy is a good school, because this school is organized and they teach many other subjects eg. Arabic is something new I learned and I did pretty good so far.
Zohaib Khan
Level 3, Student

I feel Ta’leem Academy is one of those precious gems that not many know of as yet. It was a dilemma to find a good Sunday school after we moved our son from 2 years of Islamic school to public school and I feel it has been a blessing that we got connected with Ta’leem.
I now have 2 boys enrolled and they look forward to the school every Sunday.
The curriculum is very age appropriate and kids get to learn a lot in class and through fun activities. It’s amazing to hear the boys narrate prophet’s stories, Islamic etiquette lessons they learn from school at home and then even better when they search Nasheeds on YouTube.
My husband has also joined the Arabic classes now. The admin and teachers are genuinely vested in imparting true Islamic values and teachings to our future generation while assimilating smoothly in a different culture.


I wanted to personally thank you for doing such a wonderful job. May Allah bless you with all the happiness in this world and akhira. Ameen.


Ta’leem Academy has taught me a lot in the past two years. I have learned to work on my presentation skills mainly, as well as my deen, Islam which continues to grow everyday. Ta’leem always had something unique and special about it, which made it stand out from the rest of the institutions. Caring for students and monitoring progress of every class. The trips are also the charm and a great way to socialize with peers. I am very grateful for all the knowledge the academy has provided me and I hope to return someday, maybe to teach…. 🙂
Abrar Mohammed
Youth Program, Student

Ta’leem Academy’s Summer Camp was a great experience for my 4-year-old. He enjoyed himself thoroughly, especially learning the small duas we can use in our daily lives. He was also intrigued by different prophet’s stories. It was nice to see him write Arabic alphabets so clearly and also match sounds to the letters. Ms. Nargis is amazing, she was always available to answer any questions and also gave tips on incorporating more Islamic values among our kids.
This camp was the perfect way to start teaching my son about our beautiful religion. May Allah put more barrakah in your efforts to run Ta’leem Academy School. And May you continue to instill the love of Islam among little minds. Ameen.

Amna Naveed,  Summer Camp, Parent

In Ta’leem Academy I have learned lots of duaas. Ta’leem Academy has also explained stories of Prophets in detail and that has helped me learned how our prophets have gone through. I have learned lots of hadiths and I can use them saying in future. The thing I also like about Ta’leem Academy is that the teachers are nice and caring. I also like the way they teach and the way they make us memorize parts of Qur’an.
Zunaira Shahid Khan
Level 3, Student